264/365 Our Ability to Change

I often find it amusing when I sometimes think to myself that I cannot change. I have also heard that from people. In this world even when change is inevitable and we know it… a resistance to change exists in every walk of life. So a strong call for change need to come from inside.

Maybe we all have a different perspective of change. ‘How’ and to what extend each one of us are ready to change. This might be different.

But if you look at it, Life is made possible because of our ability to change. What would be the thrill in life if we cannot improve. If we cannot think differently today than how we thought yesterday. In which devastating and deprived state of mind would we find ourselves if we did not know we had the ability to change. I dread my existence in such a state of mind. if I did not have the ability to change

How sad it will be where today will happen exactly like yesterday irrespective of what I do. And still we crib about change from work to family, to dreams to places to love to food to life. We worry about change but always call out that the very essence of life is our ability to change.

We contradict ourselves….

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