265/365 Some bad writing habits I need to overcome

Over the years I have developed some really bad or may be even inappropriate writing habits. Onesies that of Ellipsis. Three dots … after the end of the sentence. 

Even as I write this I am not able to refrain myself from doing it. I am having to type three or more dots after my sentence. Then go back and delete. Looks like I now don’t know how to stop a sentence. This is really weird, because I have been doing that at work as well for a long time. No one has told me not to do it.

Why does it bother me now? Yesterday I was reading some emails and then chanced upon my early reply on the thread and I found the ellipsis very annoying. I don’t know how you feel as a reader. 

I have to check if my resume is also like that now. That is so bad. No wonder I don’t get responses when I apple in some places. 

The other bad habit is putting an exclamation mark ! after my name like Vinod! I remember around twelve years back one of my colleagues mentioned that to me but not in a bad way. I did not take it seriously. I have been sending emails that way for so long.

Maybe emails have been so less in number now and I don’t have to write long official documents, I am ok. But I think that needs to change. I need to make a conscious decision about my writing. I am thinking the writing process from now on will help me in that regard.

Let us hope that works….. one Ellipsis for old time sake 🙂 

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