266/365 Entrepreneurship is not for Escapists

Everyone wants to be their own boss. I have seen so many people in my life who have told me that they want to be an entrepreneur. I later figured that some of them said so in order to escape from what they were doing presently, may be even their boss.. or any boss. Some might even be thinking that when you become a entrepreneur things change dramatically. But there are more entrepreneurs failing, stories we don’t hear about than the ones succeeding.

And of the failures we keep hearing most are those of people who later on succeeded reminding you that there is always a pot of gold at the end. What about all the other countless failure. I am in no way saying one should not try. Just that one needs to do it with out an escapist mindset.

You don’t become an entrepreneur because you don’t like your job. You become one because that is the best way you can make your idea fruitful. There are so many professionals with entrepreneurial mindset who have done extremely well without being one. Imagine they leaving and failing.

And entrepreneurship is much more than escaping from your boss because when you become your own boss, you can also be so demanding annoying and picking on yourself and an escape is quite impossible. Entrepreneurship is great for some but not the choice of an escapist. I even think sometimes that People who love their job can be better entrepreneurs than the opposite.

I am a failed entrepreneur. And the failure has lot of factors attached to it. But I still keep doing things on the side. Because I love it. And I have at times tried to do it as an escape and the scars are still there.

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