267/365 Selecting between two movies

Yesterday I decided to go watch a movie in the theater. There were two choices. One was the horror flick X and the other was ‘The Outfit’. I used to like Horror movies and even now think I do. But off late I have not been able to watch one and like it. I thought may be watching in a theater would make a difference.

But I also want to watch ‘The Outfit’. I go to rotten tomatoes as usual and check what it has to say. X has a very good rating. The Outfit just released yesterday and so it is still pending.

And I think to myself, let me watch ‘The Outfit’. At least it does not have any reviews yet. It would be fun to enter the theater without knowing much about it. Sometimes expectations ruin your movie experience.

I think it was a good choice. I don’t think I would have loved a horror movie more than this one. Mark Rylance gives an amazing performance. It is a Must watch

Another thought was coming to my mind. When we want to make a decision, we also want to make sure that the result of our decision is always good. But that does not usually happen. Best decision for us is the one that benefits us most.

When it comes to movies, the cost is same and then it is about time. how best we feel we have spent it. Just a random thought.

I think there is also gut feeling here. That often will make its appearance in the process.

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