268/365 Even when our goals don’t come true !

Today I heard someone say that goals can prevent us from seeing the meaningful part of our lives. Or maybe he was saying all goals are not meaningful for us.

I did a Malayalam Podcast yesterday on using our time in a more meaningful manner. I feel we all give meaning to what we do in the present and the relevance of that activity is lost as time passes. So any goals we have now will be relevant now, but not later. Can we overcome that..?

For me goals are like guiding lights that help you navigate through life. That said, unless you shine the light around you, you will miss things. There is a lot of talk about focus and I think it is important. But are we focusing on what is important?

So it is not about goals but what they are. If we have a goal we should also imagine what it will do to us when we achieve it. Will that make us happy? Will it be good for us irrespective of time. 

Spending time with loved ones vs. chasing your career goals. I think both are important but why do we hear people keep saying that one will suffer if we are over-focussed on the other. I agree we will always feel that we could have done better. 

So my take is let us see what would make us miserable. Will not achieving our goals make us miserable? Not all. But if we are basing our goals on comparison with others, then the chances of us being miserable in underachievement is high.

We are responsible for our goals and we are also responsible for not having goals. So we should choose the goals that hold tremendous meaning for us. Not just now but anytime in our life. There can still be aberrations. But we have to do our part of the responsibility. 

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