269/365 How is Ginger doing?

For those who don’t know who Ginger is. She is our 5 months old Puppy. We got her from a shelter in January. My panic when I figured out how tough it was to take care of a Puppy, I returned her back to the shelter. They have a 90 days return as many owners find out they cannot handle it.

I did that return against the wish of the family, but they conspired behind me and got her back. And then told me I don’t have to take care and they will. This happened one week after we got her and the very next day my daughter got her back with my wife’s support. Well I am happy that they did that.

She is got almost house trained except for the excitement pees once in a while. She is walking well on leash and we take her to training every Saturday afternoon when she gets to play with other dogs.

She is teething and that can be a bit painful for her and this is when she kind of wants to chew. We did not know her breed and we did a DNA test and it says she is a mix of German Shepherd and Pitbull. They call it Sheppit I think.

She came to the shelter with her three sisters and all of them have been adopted. She is doing great with everything and sleeps through out the night with no problem. The one thing we are working on her is that she does not pee or poop outside. she has to do it only in our backyard.

The trainer said that is not good if developed as a habit. So we are working on it. We thought it might be because of the leash and so we took her to the backyard on the leash and she does it if she really has to do it. If not she will hold it.

The problem with this is if we plan to go out for a few days then she will have trouble. The earlier we train her the better it will be

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