272/365 Finding Meaningful Work

I was reading an article on meaningful work and if I remember correctly I had also put my thoughts on in this blog. Well I don’t want to go back and see what I said back then. But there is another thought that comes to me now.

This is also a question that came up several times in that article. What is meaningful? And as I was reading through it, one thing became clearer for me. Having a work in itself is the first level of meaning. I am not even talking about the pay or the kind of work. The fact that we have something to do in itself is the entry point to meaning.

Once that happens then we start looking if something is meaningful. There are so many people out there who are not privileged enough to even think if there is a meaning in the work they do. We cannot discount that fact. The modern world does make us part of an assembly line and maybe my thinking arises from the fact that escaping the assembly line is not a possibility for all.

A kid thinks he or she need not study or go to school and want to do things that make them happy. Can they do it? If they want they can showcase so many examples of people who failed miserably (as per the defined world standards) in spite of great education and the reverse also can find examples. 

Now when it comes to kids the valid question will be why they don’t like it. Why don’t they find school to be meaningful? I am sure there are views that we as parents do not understand as times have changed.

Now when we talk of meaningful work, the question of ‘what is meaningful’ is more relevant than anytime before. This is not a question that will have a generic answer. So each of us individually should explore.

One other benefit of doing this self-exploration is that we won’t get duped and confused by what the popular explanations of ‘being meaningful’ is. I have personally found things that I found meaningful to totally lose its relevance with time.

When that change happens within a single person, I find it hard that we all can have the same sense of meaningful work. Maybe we can explore flavors of meaningful work.  Maybe I will write about what I think is meaningful to me right now. I need some time.

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