274/365 We don’t get old… people just conspire against us

What is getting old. I think there is a physical and mental aspect to it. While we will physically get old at some time. Health and life are not eternal. We all will get old. That is the physical aspect. But we can get old mentally at any age.

Sometimes a movie or a book or a casual meeting with someone can make us feel younger. And I am sure the reverse might also happen. how do we keep ourself young always.

I am not claiming that I have a solution. But I feel that acting silly at times helps. As kids we are always asked to be matured. We are asked to grow up. And when we grow up some of us do think being goofy and playful are not for grownups. But the same people become a kid with no resistance in a different company.

We never have a problem acting goofy in front of small kids. We are trying to communicate with them. We know that we cannot do that with adults. It will look weird. But I have seen a different version also.

Throughout my career I have seen some people who are so serious, acting so mature and don’t even know how to make work fun. It is always so boring. They don’t joke, no smiles and laughs. But why..? May be they just mentally got older.

My motto is that we don’t get old, but that some people in the world conspire against us. That makes me feel good. It is all a conspiracy theory of sorts 😜

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