275/365 And the Oscar goes to….

My first memory of Oscars was in 1990 when Daniel Day-Lewis got his Oscar for best actor for his role in My Left Foot. That said I have not seen the movie for what ever the reason, I don’t remember. But I have watched movies and Oscars as Daniel received it again twice for ‘There will be Blood’ and Lincoln.

Oscar was one event I always look forward to. Not just for the event. Checking on which movies and which performances will be nominated and keeping track of them. Looking forward to watching those movies once I know they are nominated and so on. But somewhere in the last few years I had lost that same thrill.

Today as I am watching the Oscars and typing this I am wondering why would that be. What happened in the last few years. Did I lose interest in movies? Did I get too busy. There used to be a time when we had Oscar parties hosted among friends. I even used to do running commentary and posts on Social Media. All that seems to have ended. Why?

Though I cannot be sure but I think OTT has a role to play. So many more movies and series to watch in just one click. Most of my time is spend browsing than watching.

If I look at this year, I wanted to watched the nominated movies and I could have done in one click many movies but I did not. But I will watch after the Oscars are over.

I have to agree as I am watching the Oscars today and writing this, I am feeling that old thrill coming back. I am hoping 2022 to be a great movie year. Let me get back to watching Oscars..

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