276/365 We are the product of our responsibilities

Responsibility is a heavy word. It is an important word. I don’t say that because I have fulfilled what came my way. The fact is I am far from that. Both on a personal and professional level. But I realize that responsibility had a big role in who I am. The good and bad of who I am.

I think we all are the products of our own responsibilities. Not just the ones that we have been able to take care, but also the ones that we failed to fulfill. Think about it for a moment. People take care of their responsibilities and sometimes they get recognized for it, sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes we shy away from our responsibilities but run around taking care of some other peoples responsibilities. Even when we run away from our responsibilities we are going in some direction. In search of something, something new.

If I were to look into my past and revisit my responsibilities, I am sure I will have a map of how I got here. I won’t say I will be happy with everything. I will never say I will not have any regrets looking at it. But I surely will know that I am who I am because of it not because of the lack of it.

We only go so far being carefree… Maybe.. at least that is my thought today.

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