277/365 When Discipline Descends on You

Sometimes a discipline descends on you. It happens (for me at least) when I am not in control. It does not have to be for the entire day. May be a few hours a day.

If I have a few hours that is not in my control and I just have to play to what is thrown at me, my entire day gets disciplined. This few hours is like the main thing around which I start working my way in life.

Recently it has been this working from office that has added tremendous value to life. That 8 to 9 hours has brought so much discipline into life. One another thing is I have started feeling less lonely. I don’t know about you, but working from home had made me lonely.

I had worked from home a lot even before Pandemic, but the pandemic made me realize another part of me and that was this bustle that I loved once in life was what made me feel good about work. That meeting people in person. Talking to them. May be just listening to people talk about things that I only understood a little.

All that matters now and the discipline is an added advantage.

Categories: Enjoying Life and Work, Work & Career


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