279/365 Are you Safe at your workplace?

Psychological Safety is such an important thing in today’s professional world. If you want teams to perform to their best abilities. You want innovation and be a step ahead of the curve, you have to check the psychological safety in your work environment.

Are people talking, raising their opinions, agreement and disagreements without fear. There can be hesitations because all of us individuals are wired differently. And that is exactly why we need to build a culture that promotes psychological safety.

There will always be some people who will voice their ideas and opinions without fear. But there are also people who will not. And imagine if the people who are silent happen to have something important to say. An idea that could change the way we address a problem. An approach that might make our product or solution a far better version or what it is now. Imagine losing all that information to improve, just because we cannot foster psychological safety for our people.

No team or company reaches there overnight. It needs commitment, perseverance and it needs patience to get there. But the first thing is we need to agree that Psychological safety is important in the workplace.

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