280/365 Yesterday I did not write because life came in between

It is a coincidence that yesterday I made a video about free flow of life and how time boxes in our calendars impede the same. And look at what happened. I did not find time to write yesterday.

The point I was making in my video yesterday was that when I look at Calendars and the blocks of time carved out to do things. Meetings, work, visits to dentist, priorities at home and so on they look back at me. They feel to me as impediments. Life is something that happens in between them.

I am not way saying that we should not block time for doing things. How else will we make sure anything gets done? But it will be so boring if everything is predictable and known. There should be time for life to just happen. For surprises that are not planned.

We are so dependent on calendars that even surprises are orchestrated now. If we are surprised the others are not. It is not about we all being surprised but others giving us a surprise. Other people planning the surprise.

Where do we strike that balance between life and planning? Just as I write this sentence I am made aware myself that how much planning makes my life livable. How less stressful it has become from my old life of unplanned.

Today I feel life should flow free, but before it did flow. There is a balance I need to find.

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