283/365 Our Likes and Dislikes

Last weekend I watched the movie Morbius in the theatre. but before watching it I checked on the reviews. Usually people read the reviews and then decide to watch. I did the other way. I checked on Rotten Tomatoes and the critics had given a poor 16% score while the audience had given a score of 60%.

I thought to myself ‘Is it going to be so bad?’ Anyway I had the tickets and so I decided to go and watch. I liked the movie. I did not find it any bad. Maybe I am a very bad critic. But I think if I am watching the movie to see what I like or dislike then I might be able to find reasons. But here I was just a movie lover. 

I am in no way saying I like all the movies I watch. I recently slept through a movie that had a 75% critics score. So there are movies where I just feel sleepy. Here, not just being awake, I was awake and enjoying it. 

One thing that I realize is our likes and dislikes don’t have to match with critics or even with the majority audience. It is just that we like or don’t like for our own reasons. When it comes to movies there are so many factors that decide how I feel about the movie. The time of the day I am watching it. The expectations I have before watching it. The day of the week I am in the theater and so on.

None of what I said is a critic’s eye for viewing movies. It is just another guy’s movie thoughts. But I don’t think I should bank my likes and dislikes on others.

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