289/365 Starting to Thank People

Yesterday I felt that I have never given any Thank You Notes. I have said Thank You to people. I think I do that enough, but my wife and kids might not agree because they have caught me more than once not doing the same. I think I will agree with them. So Thank You to them.

I am thinking of Thank You Notes again. But many times I have to Thank people that I don’t know. And I am going to do that online through videos. Videos last long, they live on and show your gratitude. What is gratitude if you do not show it.

I might have to Thank people who are not alive now. I might have to thank people whose names I cannot say for privacy reasons. I might have to say Thank You to someone. 

Thank You is easy, Sorry is tougher. But this would get me to also say sorry through videos. I think that is a great way to do things. And all these will be on my Instagram Account alone. I am going to convert that to my Thank You profile.. One Minute Thankyou Videos.

A few years back I had a similar thought and I created a bunch of facebook pages to Thank various people in our life like mom,dad, kids, siblings, friends and so on. This was long before videos became popular. Some people joined and then it did not keep traction.

I think every video I make should end with a Thank You to someone maybe. And do dedicated Thank You Video every now and then

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