290/365 You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Yesterday was the first show of ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’ at my son’s school and he was doing the character of Woodstock. This is his second play after he got into High School. He played Charles Wallace in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ last year.

A Wrinkle in Time was done when the Mask Mandates were on and Omicron was just showing up. The kids went through the entire rehearsals wearing masks and then during the play they had to use clear face covers. It was not easy but they all did such a wonderful job. 

The challenge last time was that some of the cast fell sick and they had to cancel a show or two and then get someone else to do a role. That was a learning experience for the entire crew. This time they decided to have two sets of casts and one set of cast would play one week and the other set another week. I am sure kids learned a lot about Risks and Risk Mitigation.

The Good Griefs team was performing last week and the Blockheads this week. My son was playing the Woodstock Character in the Blockheads team. The good thing this time is they did not have to use the facemasks, though it was recommended for the audience, almost all people were wearing them.

I am always amazed by the commitment of the kids when they do these long rehearsed plays. I never really understood the effort involved till I saw it happen home. It takes so much effort. Not just the cast but the entire crew and the drama teacher and everyone involved. I would like to especially thank their drama teacher. It is not easy to prepare two teams to do the same play. 

As I was watching the amazing performance by the kids, it makes me hopeful of the future. When you know that the kids who are in Arts are also part of the future world, there is a reason to be hopeful. I believe Arts makes us better human beings. More considerate and Loving. 

I am not saying science is not needed. It is needed. Science, Math and Technology are what is driving the world and future, but Arts is equally important. What is progress if we cannot understand Arts.

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