291/365 Why Write Daily like a To Do List

The goal is to write daily. Non necessarily write daily in the same place. I say that because some days I would post on Social Media or on my my other blog and then will realize, Oops I did not do my journal. And then I scramble. When I have already done my daily writing.

Why am I saying this? The other day when I missed these daily streak by a day and the world did not come down, I am feeling why should I write daily in the same place. This is what happens when you miss a streak and then use that as a reason. Today when I sat to write I thought about this. If I don’t write today, and I reason that in any way, I will find another reason to even stop this project. So I thought I need to write something.

I sometimes think about the 365th post I write here. What will I do after that. Why would I want to write after that? Will I do that weekly. If I am still continuing the podcast, this will be my podcast page. Even now my weekly podcast takes up a post from here.

After 365 days of writing I will surely switch to this being a weekly blog which will become my weekly podcast. But why am I saying this now. I have so many more days to go.

I think you figured it by now. I did not have anything much to write and just started to blabber, and the post is done for the day. 😜

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