292/365 Why do I look so different ðŸ˜œ

After going to office again, often you have to attend meetings in the conference room with large TVs showing you on it when camera is on. I often think, why I look so different while everyone looks exactly the same.

This thought kept coming to me every time and I started thinking. I realized that every other person I see with my eyes in real and I know how they look. I have not seen me. Yes mirrors are there, but mirrors are deceiving.

Last week I was in a meeting and after the meeting I mentioned this to one of my colleagues and he told me he also feels the same way. So while we both look perfectly the same to either of us, we felt we look different to ourselves.

This made me think of all the images we carry around of ourselves. Not the just the ones we see with naked eye but even the images that we have of every single thing in life. We think we are made in the image of what we think. Are we…?

Now the thought of why I don’t feel this issue when I look in the mirror? My take is it is because we are so used to seeing ourselves in the mirror. We have accepted it. We might even act like our best selves while looking in the mirror just so we feel good. For me I pull my stomach in. But I should know I cannot live like that.

Mirrors are deceiving

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