293/365 OTT Viewing and the lack of time

When I came to the United States in 2001, Well not when I came to the United States, but when I left India, I for the first time had access to old English Movies. IN Dubai, In London and then I moved to the United States. But I think it was more accessible once in the US.

I used to be on a viewing spree. This was before OTT, the old Blockbuster Era. I used to watch Old Classics that I had never watched before, including Citizen Cane and Humphrey Boghart movies and Frank Sinatra movies and so on. It was fun. Then it slowed.

Once OTT came I surely got access to way more movies and viewing choices but somewhere I am not missing quality. Maybe the quantity is too much to catch up and I am missing real quality. How do I change that?

Now I have a Netflix and Amazon subscription. I have Mubi on hold. The point is there are so many shows and not that much time. I sometimes feel I should cancel Netflix. Amazon with prime features I think can continue. Then I find that there is one show or a movie that I want to watch on Netflix. 

I am planning to take my viewing history for 3 months and see if it is going to add value. Why spend money if not. I think I pay 17.99 on Netflix per month which is like 215 Dollars. 

That said I find Netflix navigation and searchability better as with Amazon you have this rent and not rent items which is a waste of time. I don’t buy movies on top of my subscription. Maybe I did that twice and forgot to watch it.

Mubi is a great place for good movies, but they need a lot of your focus and attention and I always don’t have it. There is so much and so little time.

The question I need to find the answer to is why am I watching something?

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