294/365 Bringing back that child in us

Yesterday as part of a video I made about language someone messaged me. They told me that in their school there are kids who move from other countries and don’t know the local language. But they very easily learn to communicate with other kids and language is not a barrier.

This is very interesting. I replied back and said that one reason I think it happens is because children don’t have the fear of making a mistake. They acknowledge the fact that they don’t know the language and are not ashamed of it. They want to convey something and they figure out a way. How beautiful is that. But we as adults cannot do it. We struggle.

I think that we have two things we want to do. One is to show off our knowledge and prowess and the other is to hide our incompetence and inabilities. Both these are absent in young kids. We build these traits as we grow up. How sad is that.

We are in this constant pursuit to prove ourselves that we are the best. In the process we lose that love of learning. I am sure as we age our linguistic abilities also take a hit. We cannot learn like we did as a kid. Habits are also more difficult to both build and break.

The fear of making mistakes. I  often feel that the biggest issue that impacts our growth is the fear of making mistakes. We think we cannot make mistakes, we start believing that we are judged at every step of our life.

We should get that child back into us. 

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