296/365 Struggles building a community

Yesterday a thought came to my mind that I need to get help on my media activities. I have two options. Either hire a person or a group or try to build a community. I liked the role of community. That said I have not till now been successful in making a community thriving. I am understanding now that building a community needs a different set of skills. I don’t know yet, but I need to find out and build on it.

Yesterday I put up a Facebook post to see if I could get help. The response of people who want to associate is overwhelming. I have a community with around 270 people. I have not promoted my community on Facebook where I have around 300K people following my page. It is not the number of people, but the engagement there.

Out of the 270 community members I would say around 10 are active and the rest are dormant. Some have not logged into it in 1 year. I think it has to do with my inability to be a good community manager. The reason is I have so many things to do outside. If I am like that, why would people be active. So I need to change.

To people who responded saying they want to help. I asked them two questions.

One question is what each of them aspire to gain from an association and the other is what are the specific skills they bring to the association. I ask that because just because people have aspiration and skills they all cannot be matched together in an association. Each of us is an individual and an association is between more than one individual. I also asked them to take their time.

The one mistake I did before is that I asked people to join, I was pretty confident that with my social media reach I can make people engage well in my own community. I was wrong. I use a community platform that does not have an algorithm that entices people to stay in the community. I had a group on Telegram a while back. I found Telegram difficult to manage as it became a big forward junkyard. Since I was the admin and I did not know what all got shared, I closed out later. It had over 650 members.

Now I am trying a different model and I am thinking some new ways to work on it.

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