299/365 Another Series that I started to Binge Watch

After Binge Watching Billions I was thinking if there is any other series I can start on. But I have not been lucky. Watched a few limited series and a few other. But now I am hooked on to Queen of the South.

This series comes up in my Netflix recommendations always. May be because Narcos was a favorite for me when it came out. I clicked on it also a few times but always the number of seasons stopped me from starting. Also I was always in the mood to watching something that was in english and did not move on with it. I thought Queen of the South was not English but was dubbed.

Anyway I started watching it three days back and I am almost done with Season 1 and it is so engaging and 65 episodes or 5 seasons does not think difficult to watch. May be I should always look for series that are this long. The series is an adapted from the novel La Reina del Sur by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

I have a few more of such long series that I am adding to my binging list. One beauty I see of these long series is that it is like reading a novel. There are several characters that ingrain in you. Movies now look like 1 minute or 30 second videos of social media.

Long form content is what helps us go both in breadth and depth. And I am loving it.

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