301/365 That last minute guy in me

Today I was about to reach the office and realized I had not taken my antibiotics and painkillers. As you might know I had my tooth extracted last week. I had in fact left home early and so I still had time. I stopped at a parking lot and messaged my team that I was going to be a bit late and drove back home. The good thing is my home to office is only a 20 minute drive.  I went back and picked the medication and returned to the office before 9 AM. My first meeting today is only at 9:45 AM.

As I was driving back home I was wondering what I should do to avoid this going forward. I have to take medications for two weeks till it heals. Not everything in life, but there are sometimes when I try to find a way to not repeat things. This was one such. There are some other things I keep repeating.

My solution for not missing my medication was that I keep the medication in my office bag and not on top of the refrigerator at home. This way irrespective of where I am, the medication is with me. That was simple. 

Another thing also happened today. Morning I get a letter from my Auto insurance agent that my Insurance will be cancelled by May 6th if I do not furnish them with some details. This is not the first time. It has happened so many times. They would ask me and I will miss it. Even after repeating the mistake I still keep doing it. I am so undisciplined in these things and it has cost me money, time and unwanted stress. Everytime I decide to myself that this is the last and I continue.

No, the insurance is still active but even this letter was totally unavoidable. Anyway I took care of it today even though I had time till May 6th. There are similar items that I never learn from. Maybe this is a character flaw that I need to address. Or it is pure laziness on some things in life. I just have selective laziness syndrome I guess. Not every time but sometimes. Sadly for the same kind of issues. 

I would love to change some of these things and not be a last minute guy on these. I hope I can…

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