302/365 Something extra on Passion and Profession

I have written about passion and profession before. Today I was thinking about it and I have some additional thoughts.

I consider profession to be something that we are good at and passion to be something we are passionate about and love to do. These need not necessarily be the same for all people. We might have passion for something we suck in and yet we would want to do it. We might be so far from making it a profession.

For me profession is something I am good at and someone is ready to pay me for that. passion is something I love and will do even if I am not paid. I might get better and even good at it sometime. But that is not the point when I say it is my passion.

Does not mean we will never love our profession? That is not what I am saying. The reason we love our profession is not necessarily because we love it, but because we are good at it, get recognized for it and we can see value created.

For me I do Videos and Podcasts and write blogs. I create content because I like it. I might get better, but I don’t think anyone will hire me to do this. I am not a professional content creator but I am a passionate content creator.

In my profession I am an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master and work with teams. I am good at what I do and I get paid for that. BUt if I did not have bills to pay or didn’t need money, would I do the same thing? Maybe Maybe not. Maybe because I have over the years found some intersections where I create podcasts and videos and write about agile and Scrum. I even made a 5000 mile road trip teaching Agile to non-tech folks. I did it out of passion. But given option I might also do a lot of other things and agile might not be in priority 1.

I think we should all find a way to nurture our passion irrespective of our profession. I also think we should develop skills so we get good at something that someone will pay us and we can build our profession. 

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