303/365 The need for regular maintenance

I am not a person who does planned maintenance be it vehicle or on myself. ‘Myself’ is changing as I get older, but I think I can still be better. Vehicles, I have never maintained and it has cost me dearly, I am saying this today because I took my car to the dealer today for its service. 

The car is a Mazda CX-5 and its service due has been blinking for a few days. It has 33K miles. I go there and they suggest that there is a 30K service which will cost me $740 which obviously for the person I am, I decline. But do the required service. Required but not recommended is still the motto. 

An hour later I get a message that there is a recommended tire change. I decline that too because that will cost me net 1050. I can get that cheaper elsewhere. I don’t think it is that bad. But recommended is not what I am looking for. 

But when it comes to health, I think recommendations should be addressed before they become required. Life has more value than cars. I write this having missed my A1C testing by a month. I have to do that today. Got that this post is pushing me.

I think Annual Maintenance is such an important thing and it has to do a lot with culture and behaviour. I did not grow up in a culture where maintenance was a practice. In fact maintenance meant repair in the world I grew up in. I have never seen anything maintained or serviced but it was always repaired and fixed when broken or it stopped working.

I am taking a note to myself to understand the philosophy of maintenance and start understanding that more and how I should be prepared in the time ahead. I have a few things that need maintenance. 

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