304/365 Why I Like my job

Today is a Friday when I wrote this. I( was thinking about the Passion Profession post and video that I made two days back. There is more to it. The question was why I like my job. I think irrespective of what job it is, the criteria to like is pretty much the same.

Two things that make me like my Job are:

  1. Knowing the value that I create
  2. Being recognized for that value creation

That said there are a few things that has helped me at work all these years. And I want to share that with you.

  1. Being Transparent need not hurt
  2. Accept: No one person knows everything
  3. Improvement is a slow process
  4. Everyone has their own valid story
  5. Everyday will not be great
  6. Every discussion is not an argument
  7. I don’t have to like everyone
  8. Everyone does not have to like me
  9. There is great life outside work
  10. If I am gone tomorrow my Friends and Family will miss me way more than my company or colleagues will.
  11. I am not just what my professional title says.
  12. My career choices don’t need any external validation
  13. I am not in any race… and happiness & contentment is the only victory.
  14. Profession and Passion do not need to be the same.
  15. Acknowledge and be aware of my privilege every single day and pay it forward however I can.

This is not an advice… It is just what I feel today and what I want to share with you… Tomorrow is another day 👍🥰

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