305/365 Starting InDriveView again

I think it was 7 years back that I first did an InDriveView.The idea was simple. I had just bought a GoPro and I would mount it on my car and have someone in the passenger seat and then we would just chat. The first victim was a friend of mine who was a vlogger. And we chatted about his maintaining a Technology career and doing his passion on the side which was vlogging and theater and so on.

The second and third participants were people who had visited the bay area from india. One person was a doctor who had spent his entire career living and helping people in a remote village in India. He had visited the Bay Area as many of his classmates and friends were here working in places like Stanford and so on.

The third participant was a young person who was running orphanages for girls in the Kashmir valley. He had also visited for help in his efforts.

All these were in 2015-2016 and even before I gained the small following I gained. Then for some reason I started making videos with my phone mostly. I want to revive the InDriveView format. Lot of things have changed in the last 7 years and I am thinking I will record some today. 

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