306/365 Why do we hide things?

The other day I mentioned that Transparency need not hurt us but another thought came to mind today. Why do we hide things from others. I feel it is because of some fear and also our inability to understand what the result of not hiding will be. The state of hiding seems to be the most comfortable state.

We hide things for a lot of different reasons. Some have a bigger impact than others. We also hide so we don’t want to be judged for what we do. Can we live in a world where everything can be open and transparent? While we would think that is the ideal state that is not true. We all are individuals and we have our privacy. Privacy is something we have evolved into having and it is important for many of us.

That said we can weigh in the two options of being Transparent and hiding. What will surprise us is that even for issues we think hiding is the apt approach we will find that transparency can be a better long term approach. 

But at the same time some things are better hidden as premature transparency can foil the efforts as well. The reason is we sometimes need a very private moment for some things to get done.

There is no one size fits all and we should be going through this exercise of looking and deciding between the short term comfort and long term value.

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