310/365 Enslaved by Algorithms

I have heard people say we are being enslaved by technology and I agree with being dependent. In one way that helps us do a lot more than what we were able to do before. The question is does doing more be termed as progress and does it make us happy? That is probably for another time.

I began social media in 2009 I think and after so many years of using it, I started feeling that I was being enslaved by the algorithm. As a content consumer if we have a bad consumption habit the algorithm uses that to ensure we continue to have that same bad consumption habit. We will feel that it is how the world is and feel no need to change. 

But then I became a content creator and I found that as content creators if we make a content that gets popular in what we would term bad consumption habit, we are forced to make the same content so as to maximize the views and eventual money machine. You become part of the vicious circle from which the real good content is thrown out. Everyone starts going after the trend and trend is bad. 

The solution is for you to decide to step out and not be part of it. For that my first step was to step down on my content consumption in any form over Social Media. Next was to change the content I create. The second activity immediately became visible on the stats. My video viewership was cut to be between 1% and 10% of what it really was. 

The algorithm wants me to create content that people will click. And what will people click, the one that the algorithm has tuned to be which is the bad consumption habit. I am not sure if people will ever change their content consumption patterns. But what I can do is change my content creation and focus on quality over quantity. 

I think I now understand the recipe for quantity but I will try my luck in quality.

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