311/365 How I see LinkedIn Today

I have been using LinkedIn for a long time now, There were times when I used it heavily and then there were gaps and so on. Over the last few years I have seen an interesting change in the kind of posts I see on it. And this could be due to the connections I have. 

Initially my connections were all people from work and people I know. Later it changed and now I believe I have more connections with people from India especially from Kerala. It started after I made a video on why students should join LinkedIn and use that as a tool for exploring career opportunities and understanding the professional talk. My recommendation was that they also join groups and even if they do not contribute, listen in and understand the way of the professional world. There is immense knowledge here that people can tap into.

During the initial days while using LinkedIn I felt that it became too much of a self promotion. Especially in groups and I have also equally sinned on that front and even now do. But when the tool is one for Self Branding we all can slip into that self-promo bit. 

But there is an interesting and even slightly amusing trend I see now. 

There is a lot of escalated emotional political discourse and echo chamber narratives, unprofessional arguments and so on. From all quarters, not just any one side. There was a time when LinkedIn used to be a land for recruiters sending you connection requests (I personally used to do this once) and now it seems it is full of Facebookers. People who use it just like Facebook. Blank profile pics or accounts with fake profile pics of celebrities and so on.

I think all social media apps have a purpose to get more people to use it and we all have different purposes while using them. I have a different persona on facebook and there I am sometimes Rash, Brash and even obnoxious according to people who do not agree with my opinion. But that is how I see Facebook. It is such a place. LinkedIn in my opinion is a Professional Networking and learning Media, maybe I am wrong. Maybe LinkedIn also has changed and I am just not ready to accept it.

Another trend I see is amusing because sometimes  I kind of feel as if it is orchestrated. I see these posts of people’s employment changes with a personal story. I like them and have all respects to those who have made it through all the struggles. But I get amused when I see these posts tagged with company pages and so on. Is the Company Marketing Dept asking people to post on LinkedIn to use that to also drive traffic. Maybe I am being a bit cynical. As long as it is good inspirational content I don’t think there is an issue. Though sometimes you end up seeing too much of these. 

I also see religious posts even on LinkedIn. I am an atheist but that is not the point. I thought a professional space was not a place for religious posts. But I might be wrong because people do wish one another during religious events. Again I might be being cynical.

I honestly think LinkedIn is a great professional space for professionals from all walks of their career. To Learn, Connect, Collaborate and Improve their career prospects. As I had written before, LinkedIn is my resume.

Though I did make one change to my LinkedIn. I decided to not show my current company on LinkedIn. I don’t think it is relevant for me now. Maybe when I decide to look for a new job. But I will use LinkedIn to do my Penpositive Activity and use it as a content creator and Podcaster. I think that is a great way to keep your actual work separate from your digital work. At least for me.

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