312/365 Living different Lives 

Sometimes I feel I live many different lives across different media. Like I am a different person everywhere. My temper and tone and the basic fabric seems to be changing.

We can call it persona but each persona kind of grows in its own way based on how I live that life. In real life we have different roles. Multiple roles that we consider as professional and several personal roles as well. These have been there for a long time. But now we have a Digital Persona and that is sometimes much broader and needs some serious thought.

To give you an example, some people have one Digital presence across various platforms, but for me my interests are so varied and as a Podcaster, Blogger, Vlogger, Poet and actor I kind of stretch myself too much. And even within each of the roles I mentioned I have subdivisions. 

I sometimes feel I should consolidate everything and then as I think more, I end up continuing the same way. The Malayalee in me. The educator in me. The social commentator in me. Can’t they all be one. Why do I need to create as Penpositive and Vinod Narayan and Pahayan. I sometimes think. I don’t have an answer.

I think manageability is the problem I struggle with. Also the issue of breaking a content plan because something else becomes a priority. Podcast is the only area where I have been able to maintain discipline. With Videos or posts I am either overdoing it or not doing anything. It is erratic and I want to change that. Hopefully I can.

Maybe I should Write down how I want to do it and then revisit that every week and see what I have done. May be I will do that tomorrow

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