313/365 Tracing back at my Social Media usage

I started using social media with Orkut, like many people. It was so much fun as I started connecting with my friends from college and family. It was like a get together that you could join anytime you want. I had that same feeling years later when Clubhouse came up. There was something called Paltalk I remember in the 2002 time frame. It was some form of social talk among friends. I remember getting added to one such group and joining one.

I was not much of a Yahoo group user and so don’t have much memories from that. I remember using it a few times way back. Maybe I have forgotten.

But before Orkut there was blogging, the blogging community and WordPress and blogspot which was fun. This was a very supportive group and I learned and read a lot during that blogging time.

And then Facebook came and I guess everything kind of changed. Tools and algorithms were made to addict us and sure addiction happened. Google plus came and went as we all know.

If I remember correctly, I got my FB account in 2009 and started actively posting around 2010. Mostly poems and short snippets. I was also on Twitter, but never became much part of it. Except for the 140 character Twictions I used to write back then. LinkedIn was also something I got in early. But did not have any planned strategy for that.

All social media was an extension of my physical world. I knew most people I connected with from elsewhere. All that is different now. The people I interact with on Social Media are not all people I know. In fact there is more people I don’t know personally than the other way round.

Now I have reached a point where I am all over, and I need a structured way to work through it. Evaluate what I want to do and also stick to it. I have done these kind of planning several times but always fall prey to my own instant gratifications. Maybe I should explore the various type of content I have created and then explore what I love to do. Because My Social Media usage is an extension of my content creation.

Next few days I want to write about some of the different content creation efforts I did and see what I would like to move ahead with.

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