314/365 What do I want to blog about?

I started blogging because I thought I was bad with words. Being a very poor reader as a kid and being among people who read, I felt writing is something beyond what I could do. I also only learned my mother tongue ‘Malayalam’ for just 4 years. And I always felt I sucked at it. This is the reason I decided to write. It was also a time I was having a long distance dating with someone who was into writing and blogging. I started in 2004 and am still continuing. But I also feel guilty that I have never taken it seriously. 

Poetry: I want to take writing more seriously, especially poems. I used to write regularly but then kind of slipped back when Video and social media came. So point 1 is that I want to use Social Media to focus more on my writing. 

Between Blogging and Videos is when Social Media came. I spend a lot of time on social media posting all kinds of posts and a lot of short poems. I want to take those short poems and convert them to a visual piece with some nature photos. I think I will do this on Instagram. Which is a good place to mix images and words.

Articles: This blogging project has got me back to writing. Will I continue writing. I think a long article every week that I can convert to a Podcast should be my blogging goal in this blog site at least. Taking a topic and trying to do a slightly longer form every week. Yes but after I finish my 365 days project. After 51 days.

Blogging was where my creative journey started. And even today I find that a kind of meditation. It s something where it is just me spending time with myself. Thinking through.. constructing something. You are not thinking about how people will read. Video is a way more conscious effort for me. Though I do videos unscripted it still seems to be an effort where I am bothered of the outcome.

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