315/365 What should I do with Vlogging?

Once I started doing videos things started changing, though I used it initially do videos of poems, it moved on to social commentary and that is where it became viral and I got the small audience that I have now.

I have tried several kinds of videos to see what I would Like. Conversations, cooking videos, family videos, travel, educational, Movie and book reviews, Micro courses, presentations, comedy, unboxing, random talk and so on.. The question is what did I love and what did my audience love? They are not necessarily the same. Is there a balance to strike?

Video is a great way to create content and also connect with people. Most social media likes videos. Though it can be a bit overwhelming. I really want to continue doing it, but I want it to happen in a sustainable fashion. Which is what my main concern is currently.. Spreading too thin…

There are types of videos that I liked doing and types of videos that the audience liked but I did not love. How do I choose what should be the go forward plan? What is it that adds value? I think I need to dedicate a couple of posts on the various types of videos I did and my thoughts and future plans on the same.

That is what we will focus next coming days

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