316/365 Social Commentary Vlogging

I like doing social commentary and I have found even people like it… or I should say the views are higher for such content. But over time I became a bit disillusioned thinking if it was really adding any value or just bordering on making fun and becoming just a stand up comic content. Not that Stand up Comedy does not add value. I just mean in my case it seems to have more comic and entertainment value that passing a message.  

Maybe that is fine and I should just do social commentary in a stand up format. I think it is needed and important to speak about things that need to be spoken. Maybe a comical approach is the best way to pass on opinions on burning issues.

The challenge though is that once you start talking about current issues, people expect you to speak about anything and everything. Like you become or you are expected to become an opinion factory. Yes you would have an opinion about something. But not always would you want to tell people about it. Not because of anything, just because there are opinions that you are still debating inside you.

I think Social Commentary ultimately falls into two categories. Some ever burning issues and trending news. Both are good catches for increasing viewers and as a content creator you will either be sucked into it or feel disillusioned. I have experienced both

Thinking more about it you could take a spin on this. You could take up social causes and use a comic twist to it and present. You are not riding on the trend nor are you giving an opinion. You are just presenting an opener, a point to dwell on… a perspective that one can think through. 

This needs planning, I need to identify a few areas I think it makes sense to create content and then professionally do that. Not something I have done, I will have to deviate a bit from my unscripted mode. Maybe it will backfire. But let us see.

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