317/365 Educational and Micro Courses Vlogging

Videos are a great source for Education. Sometimes you even feel there is more teaching than there is learning. But How To videos and instructional videos have helped me do a lot of stuff like plumbing, fixing doors and many more. It is valuable. My only problem is I don’t have any such instructional skills that I can share with others. Even when I do anything, it becomes more comedy than serious. 

My only skill in that area is talks on career and profession and Agile Thinking and Micro-Courses in these areas. Which have got some traction with the Agile course. Micro-courses also take time and are not always as engaging as the How To DIY project videos. They are both entertaining and valuable and when I watch them and do stuff I feel like being in a project with other people and as a result I would have done something as well.

So there are two ways I think about videos in this area. I am sure there are many other ways but these are what I feel comfortable with. One is a 5 minute short educational video on a topic and the other is a 30 minute presentation which can be a Micro-course as well. 

The Micro-Courses that I have done are around 40 mts to one hour. Maybe 1.5 hours of Micro-Courses and do 15 minute presentations for YouTube. That seems like a good approach. 

So there are three not two ways. 5 Minute Videos, 15 Minute Presentation and 1.5 Hours Micro-Courses. 

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