318/365 Movie Reviews Vlogging

I love movies. I have done movie reviews of new movies. I have also vlogged about old movies that are not necessarily the trending topics. I have seen the views increasing when you talk of new trending movies but I enjoyed reflecting on old movies. An example where what I like and what people want don’t match. I need to think more about this because movies are something I love. I would really like to do something to easily introduce what I watch on social media. Something that is not elaborate. 

I would like to introduce movies that are not trending but new movies that could get a boost through a recommendation. But that won’t be in the best interest of viewership

Maybe I can do one minute quick intro videos of what I watch. And use that as reels on instagram and shorts on YouTube. Maybe even on tiktok which I have not used much after it got banned in India. I still have a 72K following just staying there.. Many might even have access to the app. But I should not complain because there are people who have worked on the app and got a million plus followers and now lost it.

Another thing I have watched but never tried is a Trailer Reaction. People love to watch it, I have also liked whatever I have seen. I want to try that once. I can understand how for the same movie trailer one reaction will be different from another reaction. Everyone can make it unique. Also the videos are short and mostly roundabout the same length as a trailer.

Movies have high popularity and some societies are more obsessed with them than others with the fan following and so on. 

This is my dilemma, except a viewership increase does not add much value, maybe entertainment and fun value. But that depends on how well one can present it.

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