319/365 Book Reviews Vlogging

Book Reviews Vlogs, which I call Book Introduction, are one of my most favorite videos. I have a personal benefit when I do Book reviews. One is that I get to connect with some of the Authors. Another reason is that doing a vlog of the book will help me solidify what I understand from the book.

I usually create the video much later and not as soon as I finish reading. This also allows me to recollect what I read and helps me retain more of what I read. 

Over the years I have done a lot of book reviews and there is a small audience for it as well, but a very engaged audience. I have been rethinking on how to make the Book Reviews better. I have seen a format where people put out the top 5 insights they get from a book. I have not done that format, which I think is much easier and more ideal than my free rant on a book as a reader. I should try that.

I have also felt that maybe instead of creating one single episode on a book, make shorter videos on specific parts of the book or insights. I am still debating the approach. 

I have even done ‘Reading a book just for the sake of reviewing’ and it is a boring thing to be honest.

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