320/365 Vlogging your Career Insights

Career Insights Videos in my opinion will be relevant for a long time and it is also a way I can document my thoughts in the  29 years I spent working and being on my own. The mistakes I made. What I would do differently. The learnings.

We would wonder why someone would be interested in what we have to say. Fair enough, but even just talking about our own insight will help us be reminded of what we might have forgotten. Insights from our own past experiences can be really helpful for us as we maneuver through our present career complexities and challenges. 

Sometimes we discount ourselves with our imposter syndrome. Who would want to hear about us. We think this way even when we would love to hear stories from others so we could gather some insights. Our stories too have value.

I want to collate these career insights into short videos. I have done 1 minute videos but they kind of become too short to complete and I might need 1-3 minutes to clearly say something. Let’s see

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