321/365 Vlogging Travel Videos and Family Videos

I put these two kinds of vlogging together because I don’t do solo travel and so all travel videos for me are in one way or another a Family video. I have done both these only in my mother tongue malayalam and never in english. while all other formats I have done in both languages.

I find both these kinds of videos tough to make. The reason is the amount of editing that is needed. It does not suit my unscripted form of creation. As I write this I have over 125 GB of unedited Travel videos I took in Rome, Florence, Venice, Germany and Switzerland. I might even have a few from Paris when I went there in 2019.

I am currently going over these videos and planning to upload them one by one. So that in itself will be a long run for me. That said, my personal opinion has been that family videos don’t add value to people. But I think they are a great way to connect with your audience. There is only this much that a solo rant can do. 

Video is about visuals and for solo rants and conversations there is Podcast. But any day videos and youtube wins hands down against podcasts both in reachability and searchability.

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