323/365 On a Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher’s Appreciation week and Rahi made a Ventriloquism video to show his appreciation for his teachers. He did the same thing last year too. Before that I think it used to be cards that they make and give to teachers and flowers and so on.

As I get older I am realizing that as a student I never appreciated my teachers and it was not their fault but mine. I don’t even remember going into one single class excited to learn. I went there to be with my friends and since I did not have any other option. That is probably why I quit formal education after my Bachelors. And then my learning really started. I had a choice to learn what I like.

Maybe it was the tests that I did not like. I am happy that today we get to learn so much without ever having to worry about tests. I have always observed my kids and found that unlike me they do enjoy the class. They say they like a class because the teacher teaches well. I wonder why did I never feel that.

Looking back I really appreciate my teachers because where I am now has a lot to do with my teachers and my parents. But why did not I have that thirst for knowledge back then. I felt what I studied is of no use. I have no clue why. And the interesting part if I was not a bad student. I got good grades throughout my school.

But today I want to thank all my son’s teachers because I have seen him genuinely interested in many of his classes and almost always, he likes all his teachers. Exceptions have surely been there over the years, but very less.

I just hope this whole testing process does not hamper his interest to learn new things. And by the way he learned ventriloquism on his own watching YouTube… His teacher was #darcilynne but she does not know it.

Instilling the thirst for any kind of Knowledge is more important than imparting it. Here is his video –

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