327/365 What to read and how?

How do you read what you need to read? Read and listen to be precise. A few months back I made a list of things I needed to read. Here is what I came up with and I knew all this would not work out. But I wanted to address the ‘HOW’ only after I figured out the ‘WHAT’.

I wanted to catch up on classic novels that I had missed. Which is a big list. I also wanted to spend some fiction reading. I had been mostly focussed on Non Fiction all of 2021.

I wanted to read long form articles. The magazine type so I could have a broad range of topics that I could get my hand on. 

I wanted to do some industry reading in my area of work. I also wanted to read or consume in my other side of life which is on content creation.

Now the question was how. I need to read physical books. Especially if it is Fiction. I can handle Non Fiction in Audio. I also have Podcasts.

I decided to start reading on the Kindle App on my phone. It worked. And for classics I was able to borrow them from my Library straight on to my phone. I did both 100 years of Solitude and Crime and Punishment. Not bad. I did try to listen to Crime and Punishment, but then abandoned it as fiction for me should be read. I don’t know if that would change.

I listened to some Autobiographies on Audible, but then found that I could do the same using the Libby App for Free from my local library and so decided to go that route.

For articles I took an Apple News+ subscription for 9.99 per month that gave me access to all major magazines like ‘The Atlantic’ , ‘The New Yorker’ , ‘The Wired’ , ‘The Fast Company’ and so on. But then I figured I did not even have the time to read them all. I have a day job as well. And I have content to create, write, make videos and podcasts.

In the meantime I had started subscribing to some Newsletters on Substack and I was able to read them. I found there were a lot of nice interesting reads on substack. I am still exploring it. I am regularly reading three Newsletters. I need to explore more.

With Podcasts I have had an interesting trajectory and I think that demands another post. I have over 20+ podcasts subscribed but there is only one that I look forward to every week and listen to. There are probably another 3 podcasts that I click on every new episode. The remaining podcasts I browse through and listen to if I think it is something I need.  More on that another day.

I also have a book at my bedside that I flip every night. My Home reading which will be some Malayalam Novel.  Sometimes I think I am trying to catch up for all the lost time not reading and yet I know there will be much left.

This process will change as we need to keep reinventing every single part of us.

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