328/365 What Works in How we work?

We all have our style of working. Some of the things in our style have been working for us. Or we think so. We also improve our styles and even make drastic changes if we think our style is working against us. Especially when we join a new place.

When we join a new place it can be in different flavors. I have seen people who just feel the company change but they end up working with the same people. I have seen that in the Tech space. I have experienced that one time as well. 

I have seen common migration patterns for techy birds in my career. But we also join companies that have nothing much in common and things are new. Thai is where we need to start looking at our style.

If you have been working for a long time in the previous place that means you have also built aspects of your working style that is quite specific to your previous job and role and company culture. That might need to change.

We have to reinvent our style and that will need us to unlearn. This happens along with learning what will work in the new place. 

So one might ask if we should not try to change what we see is not good. Surely we should;. But we should do that after we establish the rapport. Change is about collaboration and asking for help and thinking together. You cannot do that without a rapport created.

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