330/365 An Award for simplicity

As I browse LinkedIn and I often see posts from people sharing their awards, accolades, achievements and accomplishments.. And I wonder what award I have  received in my life. I don’t remember receiving any price or award throughout my school. No extracurricular activities, studies… nothing. I had not received one single thing. Except when everyone was given something. except once.

In my whole career I have received just one award. An appreciation for a company event. Nothing big. The ones people get in dozens and dozens in their career. But I like what I got it for. It was one for simplicity. I am not kidding. Yes Simplicity. And this was in 2015. I am not sure they created one just because they can give an award.

More than the award I loved that someone was thoughtful enough to think of my name with the word simplicity. I don’t think I need any more awards in life. Ever since my life has been to stay true to that. Sometimes Life can get too complex and it is a struggle to simplify it… Not trivialize but simplify. It is so important.

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