332/365 Why did I slow down when I was reaching the finish line?

Today is post number 332 of my 365 Days Writing project. Well it is no more 365 days because I missed several days between my last post. My last Post was on May 26th and today should have been my 339th post. But I am still at 332. Why did I slow down when I am so near to finishing?

I have been thinking that we get more alert and sprint when we are nearing the finishing line. I have heard people say that they get energy and power from somewhere they are unsure of and they keep going. When one sees the finish line they go for it. Maybe it is just about running. And writing is not running. While it surely is about discipline, it is also about creativity and not having a mental block or being stuck.

I did have a few activities the last few days and my booster shot also gave me a bad day. Maybe I knew that the finish was so near and I could slack a bit. But now I am back and I do have a lot to cover in the next few days. Some interesting observations and thoughts that I have been toying with for the last few days.

Some new experiences and some new projects also. But I also had to reflect on a few things that happened recently in our world. Not very positive but there are things we need to reflect on.

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