333/365 Another Mass shooting in United States

All the newsletters I have been subscribing to and the podcasts I listen to have been talking about the Robbs Elementary School shooting last week. On the day of shooting I did not know of it until late in the evening. The reason being I don’t check the news regularly. Some days I don’t even read the news.

My mind went all the way back to Sandy Hook. I still remember when I heard of that news I was so devastated. I came to know of it as it was unraveling and I was at work that day. But there was discussion about it at work. This time there was no discussion at work. I came to know of it when I reached home in the evening.

Then my mind raced to the Cinema Hall shooting during the Batman release. I remember being on a talk show a few weeks later and was asked about what I think. I said I am wondering how we can raise kids in this world and not be either the victim or the perpetrator. I also said that if I had to choose between one, I would rather have my kid be a victim than the perpetrator. I don’t know why I said that. But I could just not stand the grief of so many people.

The other day I was listening to the Daily and in that Elizabeth Williamson, the author of the book Sandy Hook was speaking and she said that our society often after such events don’t even give the loved ones the time to grieve. They are often pulled into the ensuing debate on Gun Control. Which is so true.

I have also had a colleague whose son was a shooter in a mass shooting a few years back. I have not spoken or met the colleague after that as I left that company before he resumed back at work. I still remember the shock in the eyes of the people at work. Many of whom knew the kid personally.

I have no idea how to look at these events any more. I read today that in 2022 more lives of adults and kids have been lost to shootings in the United States in 2022 than in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. And the question is what are we doing.?

I hope the families gain courage to face one of the worst of all our fears. Having a loved one’s life taken away. And I hope the people in power can overcome their petty differences and monetary mindset and do what is most important for the future of our kids and the safety of our lives.

Today as I sat to write this I checked the news and I found there were even other shooting incidents after this one. Where are we heading to 😦

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