334/365 Look around us, what do we see?

I was listening to Berne Brown’s book ‘Braving the Wilderness’. As I listened I heard something in this way. Some of our connections might be built on a common hate for someone or something. This struck me hard.

I know of echo chambers and I know I am in a few. I would like to believe that I am in control of things, but the truth is far from that. And that is on the echo chambers I know of. The unknown ones.. well I don’t know yet.

But what Berne said was pretty simple. A much better way to look at this concept. This is how I am seeing it. Look around us. Look at our relationships. What is it that connects us? Is it love or hatred? I know you might feel, how can people be connected through hatred. I think we can.

It is not hatred against one another, but it is hatred towards a common other or a thing, or idea. We are brought together and connected through our common feeling of Hatred. That is toxic even though we might think otherwise.

I looked at some of the relationships and I found yes… the binding force was hatred towards some ‘other’. I did not like what I saw. I have to change. I have to reinvent myself.

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