336/365 Why do we need to Reinvent ?

The simple answer is because we can. Also the world is changing. What we know is becoming obsolete and insufficient for the future. We have also learned things that are not true any more.

Our views that shaped us are also changing. We are still floating on some old stagnant water. It needs to be changed. We need to take a dip or even a dive into some fresh perspectives.

Those two paragraphs are not really answers but a string of thoughts that came to my mind. The real answer is something we have to all find for ourselves. I personally have this habit of introspection. Not that I take much action after that. But there are always a few things that come up which I think need to change.

I think the ‘Why Reinvent’ question pertains to how we see the past, present and future in the light of what is possible. And Reinventing is a possibility for each and everyone of us. 

We also think that reinvention is always for the better. I am in a process now and the reason for that is I am tired of some of the things I do. I also feel that over the last few years I have picked up some perspectives that need change. So my simple reason is that to build the kind of future I think I want, reinvention is an absolute necessity.

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