337/365 Should we need to Reinvent ?

My Answer to this question was where I ended my last post. I will repeat that once more. ‘So my simple reason is that to build the kind of future I think I want, reinvention is an absolute necessity.’

Now I can still decide not to reinvent. But again every process of reinvention starts with that urge.. that hunger. How badly do we need it? There are no right or wrong answers here. We chose what we find best for us.

So when that question is posed at Should you do it the first line is a simple way of looking at this as well. Because we can. We cannot change or reinvent the world to do exactly what we want. But we can reinvent ourselves to get the best out of the world.

I see it like how we can collect water. You can let the water fall on the ground and then you take it. Or you can have a mechanism to get it and store it before it hits the ground. I think we are like that bucket on one side of the room and the rain water is falling through the cracks in the room. You can move that bucket to where you can collect the water.

I think reinventing is also like this bucket. The solution is there but we should take the effort to take it and keep it in a new place. Now you might think that is not reinvention but a band aid solution. It sure is. Because when we start the process then we will uncover more. You see the band aid showing up and you will take the needed action.

The band aid or bucket is the immediate necessity and then the rest comes. If water does not pour down you will never know. You have to be inside and you should see it leaking. If not, it is never observed as our problem to solve.

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