338/365 How do we Reinvent ?

This is a very loaded question. I can only say I am in the process. As I write this 338th blog post I look back and think of the time I started and why I started. I started because I had stopped writing.

I used to blog a lot before. Then I stopped and I had to get back to that process. There is no way I can do that unless I decide to start thinking across a range of topics. And to make it happen, I also had to do hacks. I had to rewrite some of my earlier blogs as well. That was an interesting addition to the reinvention process. I was reading what I wrote years back and rewriting it for the new times.

Some of them had significant changes but some remained pretty much the same. And I am in no way telling you that writing is the process to reinvent. I chose it. Because when I do that it helps me to think. I go over ideas and thoughts multiple times. I see through me and I look at me at the same time.

Another thing I did during this time is evaluate what I want. I wrote my mind out. This gave me a chance to contradict and question myself. 

The million dollar question is did I reinvent myself? The idea is the journey to reinvent. I did on some level but not in others. Now the question is should I. Maybe… Maybe Not…

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